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lemon sour shaker set
lemon sour shaker set
lemon sour shaker set

lemon sour shaker set

6 individual servings (1.5 oz) and 1 individual cocktail shaker

Made with delicious ripe lemons, this is the most versatile of our mixers, yet! Depending on the spirit, enjoy it as a Whiskey Sour or a Lemon Drop Martini. Pick your spirit and shake your own cocktail creations anywhere, as it comes with a cocktail shaker! The shaker makes up to two cocktails, and it's perfect to share as the top comes off and becomes a chic cocktail glass. Cheers! 

Shaking Directions: Combine our Lemon Sour shot-pod, with 1 shot-pod of your favorite spirit and 1 shot-pod of water. Shake with ice, and serve up in a cocktail glass. Make a Whiskey Sour using whiskey, a Tom Collins using gin or a Lemon Drop Martini using vodka. Check @mixallogy on Instagram for more recipes!



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a bartender approved cocktail, in four steps

our mix

Pour mix into a glass or shaker


Fill empty pod with water and pour into glass or shaker


Fill empty pod with spirit and pour into glass or shaker

shake or stir

Shake or stir and you have the perfect cocktail!