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a better way of shaking cocktails

We refuse to use artificial mixers to craft our happy hour, so we invented a new way:

real ingredients, real taste, real simple

why powder?

We use a patented drying technology that, using minimal processing, eliminates water from ingredients while leaving their nutrition, taste and color intact. That’s why we don’t need to add any flavors or preservatives to our mixers.

Real Ingredients. thoughtfully sourced

Our mixers are made only with USDA certified organic ingredients, no preservatives or added flavors, not even the natural ones.

organic fruit juices

You know, the delicious result of squeezing a fruit. We use the organic “ugly fruit” that supermarkets don’t want to sell because the taste is just as pretty.

organic fruit oils

Our mixers contain oils derived from fruit peels, just like the ones you find garnishing cocktails. Only we don't discard them after emptying the glass, we put them to good use in the drink.

organic cane sugar

Our mixers contain less than 10gr of organic cane sugar, half of most cocktails!

organic ricetrin

Ricetrin is a powder derived from rice flour, we use a non-gmo one to help dry our ingredients


Silica is the most abundant compound on earth and is naturally present in fruits and vegetables. We use silica to make sure our mixers stay flowable until they reach your glass!

real taste. bartender approved

We worked with some of today's most celebrated bartenders to develop our flavor profiles, ensuring quality and authenticity in every pod, and every cocktail.

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real taste. bartender approved

Our mixers taste like the real thing because they are the real thing. We co-created all of them with acclaimed bartenders, and used organic fruit oils and juices to elevate their taste, so you can make a bartender approved cocktail wherever you are.

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real simple.a perfect cocktail every time

our mix

Pour mix into a glass or shaker


Fill empty pod with water and pour into glass or shaker


Fill empty pod with spirit and pour into glass or shaker

shake or stir

Shake or stir and you have the perfect cocktail!

pssst...we know we've made it pretty easy, but the cocktails won't shake themselves so start shaking!

help us be the best way of shaking cocktails

Creating mixallogy® so far has been a team effort and we want to rely on the wisdom of the crowd to continue improving. We’ve made the decision to not use preservatives or artificial ingredients in our products, but that means we have to seal our powders with plastic to protect them from moisture. We want all of our packaging to reflect our values, so if you know of a material that would minimize our environmental impact while sealing our powders please get in touch!